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Our Clients

BridgePeople partners with organizations interested in transforming their relationships and creating a culture of equity, inclusion, and building human-centered workplaces.


We work with small, medium, and large foundations, nonprofits, and international nongovernmental organizations (iNGOs), as well as with the public and private sectors.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Itzbeth and her team at BridgePeople.  They are indeed experts in building a workplace centered on racial equity and help our team think critically, challenge internal systems of oppression, and create an inclusive and welcoming work environment for all.  Their attentiveness fosters deep development, as they push us just beyond our comfort zones to ensure learning is occurring.  


We also expanded their scope to help us with strategic planning and team development, and they continue to impress!  They take the time to learn about your team, its function, and the people, to create a personal and intimate learning environment.  Itzbeth and her team are top-of-the-line, and I would work with them over and over again!”​


—  Donald, Director of Operations at DC GreenBank

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