All protracted problems in our world require solutions created and executed by people in harmonious relationships with one another. Out-of-sync relationships hinder progress. 

BridgePeople equips you and your teams to nourish relationships that foster collaboration and build bridges towards justice.

Our Story

In today's multicultural world, cultural competencies are no longer a nice addition, they are a foundational requirement for competent leadership and effective organizations.

Around the world, leaders are recognizing the importance of holding space for difficult conversations about race and other areas of exclusion, and building cross-cultural competencies that allow for diverse teams to effectively communicate across differences and collaborate towards sustainable solutions. ​ 

Our new logo demonstrates our emphasis on people, because systems transformation requires people to transform—only a collection of committed individuals working together can change the world for good. We are committed to centering our shared humanity to uncover the truth about what is possible when we shatter the myths of superiority, scarcity, and separation.


We intend to demonstrate that according to global Indigenous wisdom, our world was built with sufficient resources to meet everyone’s needs. Despite current and historical powerful opposition and backlash against justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, we are persistently optimistic that by relying on radical love and our shared humanity, and working hand-in-hand with those most impacted, we will create a more just, equitable, and verdant world. 


The BridgePeople Network partners with a diverse group of global independent consultants, with a broad set of professional and lived experiences, to expand our capacity and access wisdom from across many different communities and experiences. Our network partners are all deeply committed to our values of shared humanity, radical love, and advancing peace through equity and justice.

Meet the Founder

Itzbeth Menjívar, Founder & CEO

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Itzbeth Menjívar has been building bridges and strengthening cross-cultural relationships for more than 20 years. Her deep love for humanity, global cultural experiences, and healing-centered approaches have positioned her as a thought leader in the field of racial justice, cultural competencies, organizational healing and transformation, and peace-building for justice.


Over the course of her career, Itzbeth has built bridges between cultures in both the private and nonprofit sectors. For the first half of her career, Ms. Menjívar advised executives of the world's largest multinational corporations and financial services firms on assessing and mitigating internal and reputational risk. She led international and cross-cultural teams at Big 4 Accounting & Consulting firms and in the financial services industry.

A strong mid-career calling to serve communities that have been systematically oppressed drove her toward a Master’s degree in International Development to join the global fight against poverty and injustice, and she spent the past decade deepening relationships globally towards promoting shared prosperity, equity, and justice.

Itzbeth identifies as an Afro-Panamanian woman, of recently reclaimed Mayan lineage. Reconnecting with her ancestral lineage has been the source of great learning from both African and Indigenous cultural and spiritual wisdom traditions, which she proudly embeds into her work. She speaks four languages, and is an avid nature and animal lover.


The BridgePeople Network

The BridgePeople brand is built upon a strong foundation and diversity of experiences and backgrounds. The majority of our multi-racial partners are people of culture who hold a robust body of wisdom coming from their lived experiences. By partnering and creating access to opportunities for independent consultants, we expand our capacity and access wisdom from across many communities.


Our network partners are all deeply committed to our values of shared humanity, radical love, and advancing peace through equity and justice.


Jamila White (She/Her)

Founder of BlaKQuity and Racial Justice Practitioner

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Noah Hughes-Dunn (He/Him)

Anti-Racist Healing Practitioner

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Eme Martin Headshot.jpg

Emeobong E. Martin (She/Her)

Health Equity Consultant

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Griffin Moore (They/Them)

Organizational Development Coach & Consultant

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