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Our Services

Service 1

Healing-Centered Gatherings & Retreats

Healing-centered gatherings have the potential to transform our world.  Social, economic, and environmental injustices inflict violence on our communities, leading to individual and collective trauma. It has been said that trauma is the glue that holds together the structures that separate us, and we believe this to be true.

Those of us who have been socialized in settings and contexts impacted by colonialism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and ableism understand that building a new world requires truth, faith, and compassion - the greatest antidotes to injustice. 


By acknowledging - rather than ignoring - the historical and ongoing harm caused by oppressive systems, and working together to develop practices that address individual and collective trauma, we can begin to build the solidarity necessary to work together to create the new systems that we deeply crave and deserve.

We partner with our clients in the co-creation of healing-centered and trauma-informed gatherings in natural or virtual spaces that draw upon a multitude of love-centering and nature-based faith and wisdom traditions, including practices indigenous to the colonized lands across the Americas, including Turtle Island and Abya Yala.

Service 2

Values-Based Strategic Planning & Organizational Re-design

Organizations committed to advancing justice and creating environments of belonging for all staff must integrate their values into every aspect of their strategy, operations, structure, and the organizational DNA.

We facilitate values-based strategic and culture transformati processes that promote deep engagement with key stakeholders, centering the needs of those most impacted by systemic oppression and cultures of domination. 


We support leaders in transforming cultures and structures in ways that are aligned to their professed or desired values. We partner with our clients to identify opportunities for culture transformation, facilitate participatory visioning for the future, and help build short-, medium-, and long-term plans to bridge the gap from the current existing culture to the desired end vision.


Some of the strategic consulting services we offer include:

  • Values-based strategic planning, including culturally-appropriate staff, board, and other partners' engagement

  • Values-based organizational redesigns

  • Culture transformation toward equity and justice

  • Human-centered change management

  • Equitable decision-making and communication strategies

  • Developing horizontal or circular organizational structures, fostering effectiveness and impact without hierarchical structures

Conscious, Inclusive, & Embodied
Leadership Coaching

We help develop, support, and promote conscious, inclusive, and embodied leadership. While culture is everyone's responsibility, we acknowledge that senior leaders set the tone at the top.


We provide thought partnership, forward-thinking challenges, and accountability structures for senior leaders committed to futurist approaches and being the positive change they want to see in the world. 


We equip senior leaders to inspire their teams and boards through trust-building, facilitating transformational dialogue, and deepening relationships; helping their teams feel genuinely seen, heard, and valued.


Some of the leadership coaching services we offer include:

  • Conscious, Inclusive, and Embodied Leadership

  • Leading in times of rapid change, conflict, or crisis

  • Global, regional, and local cultural competencies

  • Emotional or spiritual support for social justice leaders

  • Becoming a futurist strategic leader

Service 3
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