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Culture Transformation
For Free & Peaceful Tomorrows

Imagine local and global leaders practicing love for all humanity.

Imagine self-determined communities skilled to embrace and transform conflict.

Imagine multi-cultural communities living in harmony with each other and our planet.

Imagine a world free from violence and injustice.

BridgePeople envisions a world where leaders are equipped and empowered to imagine and build free and peaceful tomorrows for multicultural communities.


Our mission is to co-create cultures of care with conscious humans leading conflict transformation, change management, or collective healing.

We support building peace through the
 mastery of radical presence, harmonious relationships, and regenerative innovation.

We target systems and structures that perpetuate violence, and never people, as we uphold the transformative nonviolence teachings of great leaders such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.
Both leaders raised awareness to our deep inter-connectedness and inter-being. We honor their lives by reclaiming and applying their wisdom, and the wisdom of many other wisdom keepers, to today's most protracted conflicts and challenges.
We invite you, as an individual, community, or organization, to join us in building free and peaceful tomorrows.
Our Services

Our Services

Conscious & Embodied Leadership Coaching

We help develop, support, and promote conscious, inclusive, and embodied leadership. While culture is everyone's responsibility, we acknowledge that senior leaders set the tone at the top. We provide innovative ideas, thought partnership, and accountability structures for senior leaders committed to being the change we want to see in the world.


We equip executive and board leaders to inspire their teams through trust-building, facilitating transformational dialogue, and deepening relationships - helping their their teams feel genuinely seen, heard, and valued.

Culture Transformation & Collective Business Design

We support the design of transformational organizational cultures and structures by equipping leaders with:

  • ​​Healing-centered and trauma-informed relational skills

  • Compassionate and non-violent communication 

  • Consensual and non-coercive leadership styles

  • Liberatory and anti-oppressive power analyses

  • Embracing generative conflict and principled struggle

  • Horizontal and non-hierarchical team and organizational structures

  • Valuing living beings and relationships over institutions and outcomes

  • Equipping conscious and embodied leaders with skills to create impactful cultures of care

  • Collective and equitable decision-making

  • Regenerative and sustainable business models


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At BridgePeople, we choose love. We research, reclaim, and employ the wisdom of great teachers in all the ancestral lineages and faith traditions that lived and taught the practices of love, faith, and hope for our collective healing, liberation, and transformation. 

Itzbeth Menjívar, Founder & CEO

Organizations we have partnered with include:

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