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 BridgePeople was born in 2019 as a response to the very palpable and deep divisions present in our society today.  Leaders and organizations working to eradicate poverty, advance justice, and promote positive social change are in urgent need of peace-building and conflict resolution strategies.  

Around the world, leaders are beginning to recognize the importance of cross-cultural competencies that allow for diverse teams to competently communicate and collaborate in every aspect of their work. In today's multi-cultural societies, cultural competencies are no longer a nice addition, they are a foundational requirement. 

BridgePeople's founder, Itzbeth Menjívar, has been building bridges and strengthening cross-cultural relationships for over 20 years.  Her deep love for humanity, global cultural competencies, and healing-centered approaches have positioned her as a thought leader in the field of cultural competencies, organizational healing, and bridge-building.

BridgePeople has built a robust network of capacity building professionals prepared to support leaders and organizations at the forefront of social justice. Some of our offerings include:

  • Peace-Building and Cultural Competencies for Leaders

  • Organizational Retreats leading to Healing and Unity

  • Strategic Consulting to Re-Humanize the Workplace

  • Executive Leadership Coaching 

Culturally competent leadership constantly seeks to foster the internal relationships and the cohesion needed in teams to bolster and expand external impact.


The BridgePeople brand is built upon a strong foundation and diversity of experiences and backgrounds.  The majority of our partners are people of culture or people of the global majority (previously denoted as minorities.)  Our founder has advised the world's largest multi-national corporations and financial services firms as well as some of the world's largest nonprofits and foundations.  She has led international teams working to advance economic empowerment and justice in more than 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

The BridgePeople Network equips peace-builders, committed change agents, justice-seeking philanthropists, socially-minded organizations, and social entrepreneurs to advance peace and justice through transformational relationship building. Any problem worth solving in the world requires a team of committed people in right and harmonious relationships with one another. BridgePeople will equip you and your team to build bridges for peace towards justice and opportunity for all.

For more on our founder's experience please visit her LinkedIn profile.


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