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Itzbeth Menjívar

Founder & Chief Bridge-Builder

BridgePeople LLC

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towards a brighter future for all


Founder & Chief Bridge-Builder

 Itzbeth founded BridgePeople LLC to help build bridges  through dialogue, with the goal of healing the deep gap of inequality in the United States of America.  Itzbeth's deep love and respect for humanity, together with her experiences working globally, convinced her that the greatest contribution she could make to creating a more equitable world is that of facilitating dialogue and fostering shared understandings and the re-humanization of everyone, everywhere. 

BridgePeople leverages relationship-building to add value in three core areas of focus: 

  • Cultural Competencies for Leaders

  • Philanthropy Strategic Consulting

  • Executive Leadership Coaching 

A consistent thread throughout Itzbeth's 25+ year career has been the cultivation of meaningful relationships to achieve lasting impact.  She developed her relational gifts by working with diverse groups of people in more than 40 countries.  Itzbeth poses that authentic relationships and courageous dialogue are the missing ingredients to building the world as it should be: a world free of poverty and injustice.   

Itzbeth's practice is built upon a strong foundation of diverse experiences, equipping her to contribute solutions to some of the world's most protracted problems.  For the first half of her career, she advised some of the world's largest multi-national corporations and financial services firms on how to assess and mitigate internal and reputational risk.  A strong mid-career calling to serve people drove her toward poverty eradication work. Her most recent work included  strengthening philanthropic relationships to advance economic prosperity and gender equity through women's economic empowerment.  

In recent years, Itzbeth began to observe and experience that even diverse, socially-minded organizations with beautiful and lofty goals are often ill-equipped to create environments that foster a sense of belonging for under-represented groups. This belonging gap is where Itzbeth sees massive potential for dialogue to create shared understanding, as so many leaders do not feel equipped to lead conversations about race, gender, socio-economic status, and other labels that result in the exclusion of important voices at the table.  

BridgePeople supports bridge-builders, committed change agents, transformational philanthropists, socially-minded organizations, and social entrepreneurs to advance dialogue, opportunity, and justice for everyone. Only through courageous dialogue, can we build teams where everyone belongs, and can feel that their voices matter.  Through dialogue and a firm commitment to one another, we can surely build bridges towards a brighter future for all.

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