Cultural Competencies for Leaders

BridgePeople supports the development of cultural competencies for leaders of diverse teams.  We support organizations of all sizes in creating inclusive and welcoming  environments, where all staff are free to fully contribute from their gifts.  We equip leaders to facilitate honest and productive dialogue that fosters relationships and helps everyone be seen and heard.   We help develop customized communication norms based on your organizational values, and demonstrate how to create and maintain the relationships necessary to create office/work spaces that are conducive to productivity and growth.  

You have the right profile to work with BridgePeople if:

  • Your organization lacks diversity, whether at the senior leadership level, or at all levels

  • Your organization has struggled to deliver on impact due to low employee morale

  • Staff from historically excluded or underrepresented groups do not feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in the organization or in their teams, or struggle to see themselves in the future of the organization

  • Your organization is struggling to manage staff through change and supervisors lack tools for change management

  • Communication in your organization is an after-thought, and is therefore ineffective 

  • Unhealthy or toxic practices, such as clicks, gossip, or persistent complaining are commonplace

Strategic Consulting for Culture Transformation

BridgePeople partners with organizations interested in transforming their relationships and creating a culture of equity or more human and inclusive workplaces. We support moving conversations beyond the superficial, and towards deep engagement with key stakeholders to promote dialogue and center the needs, voices, experiences, and wisdom of those most impacted by systemic racism, discrimination, and exclusion.  We support your strategic planning process with the ultimate goal of integrating inclusive best practices and nurturing working environments that promote equity and a sense of belonging for ALL.

You have the right profile to work with BridgePeople if:

  • Your organization is ready to invest in creating a culture of equity across the organization by integrating equity principles into all aspects of your strategy

  • Your leadership team does not currently reflect the diversity of your staff or the communities you serve

  • You could use a framework and tools for assessing whether your organization's capacity to implement equitable programs or manage staff equitably

  • You are a leader ready to lead your organization through the necessary changes to become a more equitable and inclusive organization

Executive Leadership Coaching

BridgePeople supports diverse leaders in achieving their full potential through inner transformation, and inter-personal strategies that foster meaningful relationship-building.  We take into consideration the integral human being: mind, body, and spirit; and cater an experience of internal exploration and external results.  We support executives in defining their own success and creating a plan to get there, while providing accountability and partnership along the way.  


You have the right profile to work with BridgePeople if:

  • You have been promoted to the executive level because of your expertise; however, you often feel excluded or that your contributions are limited due to conscious or unconscious bias 

  • You feel strong pressure to assimilate to the organization's dominant culture, toxic as it may be, in order to get the work done

  • You are probably ready for your next challenge, but are at the crossroads of whether to find your next challenge at your current organization, or at a different one 

  • Maybe you are not yet an executive, but you know that you are ready to lead: whether within an organization, or with your own independent venture

Spiritual/Emotional Support for Social Justice Leaders

BridgePeople's founder has great passion for supporting the emotional and spiritual  wellbeing of leaders on the front lines of the struggle for justice, and is trained on the interfaith spiritual accompaniment and emotional support of movement leaders. We know that the fight for justice is inter-generational, and that we may not achieve full equality and opportunity in our lifetimes. The long-term nature of this emotional burden takes a toll on the health and wellbeing of high-performing leaders, but with the right tools and practices, leaders can nourish and sustain transformational leadership over the long haul.  Because we believe in the integration of all parts of our lives, we offer spiritual or emotional support that meets leaders where they are, and helps them move towards inner peace, self-knowledge, and deep connection to oneself, others, the planet, and Spirit or higher power.

You have the right profile to work with BridgePeople's founder 1-on-1 if:

  • You constantly pour into and support others, but have no one to pour into and support you

  • You feel burnt out and overwhelmed due to the sheer size of the difference that you are trying to make

  • You feel disappointed by the toxicity of your working environment and/or our political, economic, and religious systems

  • You find it hard to remember WHY you do the work you do and experience love as we fight for justice 

  • You feel a calling towards a higher purpose, deeper spirituality, or more mindful presence, and are not sure where to begin

  • You are interested in tapping into and channeling the power of love into social justice and transformation